Innovations for a better light

REFLECTA is developing and producing innovative Professional LED lighting solutions.
Quality, sustainability, efficiency and high performance, are the key properties of every REFLECTA product.

Choosing REFLECTA means not just to buy a light. It means to solve a problem.

10 years of warranty

REFLECTA Group provides up to 10 years warranty on REFLECTA® lighting solutions.
Made in EU

All REFLECTA® products are carefully designed and manufactured in the EU.

ZERO investment.
Immediate profit!


The REFLECTA PROLED industrial light is carefully designed and EU manufactured using highest quality materials and components. It is distinguished by sophisticated design, durability, superior efficiency, excellent light distribution and supremely long lifespan.

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Combined with the REFLECTA intelligent lighting control systems REFLECTA LED luminaries offer a superior energy efficient lighting solution.

REFLECTA LED lighting solutions are specifically made for industry. High IP66 protection grade, industrial components for high temperature environments and patented design offer long lasting operaton in any kind of industrial environment.


A uniform, soft and pleasant light is crutial for illumination of logisitc facilities. The REFLECTA LED profeessional lighting solution are the ideal choice due to the innovative indirect illumination technology and linear desing to create a uniform light level.

Combined with motion detection systems, the REFLECTA LED lights create a superiorly efficient solution, perfectly suitable for logistics illumination.


REFLECTA intelligent lighting solutions are the ideal choice for sport facilities. Dimmable luminaires, computerized lighting automation - match, training, maintanance etc - with different lighting levels option are availiable.

Energy efficiency, high illumination levels and best uniformity on the whole play court can be easily achieved by choosing REFLECTA LED lighting solution.



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