When a light turns into your best tool

Turnkey LED lighting projects

REFLECTA® integrates knowledge and experience in all fields of the lighting business. Analysing the existing lighting situation, preparing an optimized 3D project with REFLECTA® LED lighting, and finding the appropriate financing option for your company are the first steps towards success – Energy Savings.

All this is carefully done by a team of REFLECTA experts, who will help you find an optimal lighting solution for your needs. Once you decide to make the next step, our team of specialists will take care to implement a new REFLECTA® LED lighting system while your business process continues undisturbed.

Custom made solutions

Each lighting project is designed and adapted to the customer’s needs. We are committed to finding optimal solutions for each customer, even in extraordinary circumstances.

Only excellence is good enough!

Superior added value distinguishes REFLECTA® systems and services from other competitors. We are aware that the road to excellence is always full of unpredictable situations, but we are happy to solve them as we move forward to achieve our mutual goals. A solution that satisfies our customer is the only thing that matters.

Over 90% savings

An optimized REFLECTA® LED intelligent lighting system can deliver over 90% energy savings. Remarkable energy savings enable you to turn a former expense into pure profit. Every day you wait is a waste of money. Decide now, and start creating profit.

ROI in less than 3 years

Changing your existing lighting to a new REFLECTA® LED lighting system could be one of the most profitable business decisions you ever take. An investment in a REFLECTA® LED intelligent lighting system has an average of only 2.7 years’ payback time, due to the significant cost reduction enabled.

Better light quality

We treat light as a tool. Due to the special REFLECTA® Optics solution, REFLECTA® deliver improved lighting levels and uniformity, quality colour rendering and a pleasant light perception. Having quality light creates a friendlier working environment with less worker fatigue and lower error rates.

Improve your CO2 footprint

Switching to a new energy efficient REFLECTA® LED lighting system has a positive impact on your company’s carbon footprint. Moreover, by choosing a REFLECTA® lighting system you play an important role in the global commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Illuminating together for a better world!

No maintenance costs

Due to the high quality of components integrated in a REFLECTA® LED intelligent lighting system, maintenance is a thing of the past. The reliability and durability of the products allow you to cut off the maintenance costs of your new lighting system.


Based on the analysis we make, we will discover how efficient your existing lighting system is and define its key weaknesses.

How much electricity and maintenance could be saved? Average savings are between 70 and 90%!

How soon will your new LED industrial lighting bring a return on investment?
The average ROI period is only 2–3 years!

Get your analysis!


The key goals that are always achieved with a REFLECTA lighting project are:

  • to improve the brightness and quality of your light;
  • to position the luminaries where they are needed, eliminate the problem of shading and consequently reduce connecting load;
  • to create an intelligent system of energy-efficient industrial lighting with sensors and user-friendly controls that take into account the availability of natural daylight and the company's production process.

Need Engineering service?


Would you like to know how to get new lighting and big savings without any investment?

We will help you obtain the funds for an investment in REFLECTA intelligent lighting systems, with our business model Project ZERO - Pay As You Save or with several other financing options.

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Research and development.

R&D is the heart of REFLECTA. A team of passionate experts, with the will and desire for improvement and to make something new, different and better than the others. This is what makes every new REFLECTA LED luminaire or intelligent lighting solution so special.


Excellence is not an act but a habit. By choosing the REFLECTA intelligent lighting system, you will connect your business with a company that does not accept average in its work.

All REFLECTA products are laboratory tested for quality and strength of light, and also for water and dust resistance. The tests are performed in particularly difficult industrial conditions caused by humidity, aggressive gases, dust, cold, heat etc.


The luminaries are installed professionally and safely by a team of REFLECTA installation specialists. During the installation your work process is not disturbed, since the work is usually done outside of working hours. If this is not possible, we will adapt the activities to your workflow.

Monitoring the working process of manufacturing and providing the reference quality is one of the highest priorities of REFLECTA.