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The REFLECTA Group is one of the market leaders in the professional industrial lighting sector. For many years, REFLECTA® have been producing and perfecting advanced intelligent industrial lighting systems in order to guarantee customers energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting solutions.

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Innovations for a better World.
Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, high-quality and long-lasting lighting solutions to help reduce global electrical energy consumption.


Our vision is to become a key global provider of intelligent LED lighting solutions.

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Passion, Trust, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity, Integrity, Accountability, Diversity, Excellence, Quality


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List of awards:

  • Innovation 2008, gold award
  • Innovation 2009, silver award
  • CleanTech Vienna 2010
  • Innovation 2010, gold award
  • European Venture Summit Düsseldorf 2010
  • Best Business model award 2010
  • Innovation 2011, gold award
  • Best Eco Idea 2011
  • Best Maintenance award 2012
  • Best Innovation Award 2012
  • Innovation 2013, gold award
  • Best Energy award 2013
  • Innovation 2013, gold award
  • Energy Globe Award 2014
  • Innovation 2014, gold award
  • Green Award 2015
  • Innovation 2015, silver award
  • Top 10 technology 2015
  • World Invention Awards 2015, silver award

“We begin to change the world when we stimulate long-term prosperity using technology.
There is not a problem that's large enough that innovation and entrepreneurship can't solve.”

Naveen Jain


Illuminating for a better World.

With REFLECTA® products and services we contribute to smart savings and bring energy-efficient, environmentally friendly intelligent lighting systems into the business environment.

Due to above-average results and the company's breakthrough into foreign markets, new members are always welcome in the REFLECTA team. Our vision is global, while at the same time we can also adapt to local environments.

Who is an appropriate member of the REFLECTA team?

Are you ambitious? Can you take responsibility while working in a team? We are looking for creative people who are innovative in everyday life.

We strive for excellence, we work honestly and we build long-term relationships. Hereby, we are always led by the principle of width and sustainable development. We strive for a "you win - I win - we win" model of operation.

We offer.
A great lifetime business opportunity with nearly unlimited income possibilities based on sales commissions. A whole team of specialists in the lightning business to support your sales. Long-term partnership and co-operation possibilities in a fast growing energy saving business.
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We are looking for Agents, Sales Reps, Partners and Distributors.

If you have identified yourself in any of the above lines and you are interested in working for an ambitious, fast growing company, send us your CV and resume on

You are welcome to join the REFLECTA family.