Why choose an intelligent system?

The need for more energy and cost efficient lighting systems should be increasing every day. The reason is that the use of motion detection, daylight harvesting and time management with the REFLECTA® DLight intelligent system can effectively improve the efficiency of an LED lighting system. Lower consumption has a positive impact on lowering your company’s operating costs and therefore raising the PROFIT of your business!

DLight Intelligent System

Wired lighting control systems based on the DALI protocol, with the possibility of manual or computerised management of the lighting groups. Automation is done based on timing parameters and the presence of daylight. The system can be integrated into existing electrical cabinets.

Technical data

DLight mini DLight DLight +
Daylight sensor
PIR sensor
Dimming control
Schedule option
IR remote control *Optional *Optional *Optional
Buttons for manual control
Number of lights on system 40 128+ 128+
Number of light groups 1 per system
Touch control *Optional
Electrical cabinet *Optional *Optional