The REFLECTA PRO solution is unique for its indirect illumination technology.

Instead of using conventional lenses for light distribution, the product integrates the patented REFLECTA® Optics technology. The major benefit of this technology is that it improves the product’s efficiency by minimizing light loss. The reflective surface is several times bigger compared to standard lighting solutions. Indirect illumination allows the creation of pleasantly soft light, eliminating the dangerous zebra-effect, multi shadowing and high glare.


The REFLECTA® PRO LED industrial luminaire is carefully designed and EU manufactured using the highest quality materials and components. It is distinguished by sophisticated design, durability, superior efficiency, excellent light distribution and supremely long lifespan.

  • - High efficient mid-power LEDs
  • - REFLECTA® optics
  • - Optiwhite™ glass
  • - Aluminium body
  • - Industrial LED driver
  • Optics


    • Mounting height: 2-5 m
    • Beam angle: 99°
    • Variants: 35-200 W


    • Mounting height: 5 - 10 m
    • Beam angle: 68°
    • Variants: 35-200 W


    • Mounting height: 10 - 30+ m
    • Beam angle: 45°
    • Variants: 35-200 W


    L x W x H: 845 x 180 x 69 mm

    VARIANTS: 35 - 100 W

    L x W x H: 1645 x 180 x 69 mm

    VARIANTS: 105 - 200 W



    Special Optiwhite tempered glass suitable for industrial environments.

    PRO OP:

    Version with special Opal tempered glass for a more diffused light.

    PRO TP:

    Version with high impact resistance PC (IK10) suitable for food industry.

    PRO SG:

    Version with shatterproof safety glass.

    Technical data

    Housing Aluminum / Stainless steel
    Cover 4 mm special tempered glass Optiwhite™ / OG / PC / SG
    Optics Special REFLECTA® design
    Protection IP66, IK08
    Ambient Operating Temperature Ta= -40°C to +70°C
    Driver Non-dimming, DALI
    Main voltage 220-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
    Power Factor λ = 0,98
    Life Expectancy Up to 100.000h L90
    Luminous efficacy Up to 135 lm/W
    Colour Of Light 4000 K / 5000 K
    Colour Rendering Index CRI>80
    Warranty Up to 10 years
    Made in Austria (EU)
    PRO35Gen2 PRO50Gen2 PRO75Gen2 PRO100Gen2 PRO105Gen2 PRO150Gen2 PRO200Gen2
    Dimension LxWxH 845 x 180 x 69 mm 1645 x 180 x 69 mm
    Weight 3,5 kg 6,2 kg 6,2 kg 6,6 kg
    Power 35W 50W 75W 100W 105W 150W 200W
    Lumen Output* 172 lm/W 170 lm/W 163 lm/W 159 lm/W 168 lm/W 176 lm/W 157 lm/W
    *lumen output values valid for NB optics